Saturday, April 2, 2011

Assisi Pattern Source

Just a quick note today about a website with some fantastic patterns for Assisi Embroidery (among many other types!). Worth a look and some time spent exploring!

Check out Jos Hendrik's website Embroidery and Embroider.

Special thanks to Marnie and her Country Fried Stitches blog, without her I would never have discovered this wonderful source of patterns!


  1. Hello Jeanine

    So you found my site. Funny that it took so much time. Googling on "Ässisi embroidery" you find my site on the first page. If you google on pictures of Assisi embroidery you find directly many entries. I already know your site for some time and was just waiting for the right time to give some comment. My compliments. Very interesting information. A jewel on the net. I hope you will find time and inspiration to continue your blog. I would like to have the possibility to communicate directly with you. If you go to my site and send a message I wiil have your email address without making it visible on the net.
    Jos Hendriks

  2. Jos,
    I have tried to leave a message on your website but it says that an email address from gmail cannot leave a message.
    You can find my email addy by viewing my complete profile here on the blog. Please write to me directly so I can contact you.