Sunday, August 21, 2011

Punto Antico & Reticello

I have always been a fan of Giuliana Buonpadre's embroidery and her books. She makes elegant things which are always tastefully done and her creativity inspires me.

I told you a little about one of her books in this post on Reticello.

I tried to visit her at her little shop in Via S. Egidio in Verona in 2007 but alas, she had broken her leg and the shop was closed.

I was pleasantly surprised later that same trip to meet her and her lovely husband at the Italia Invita Forum in Rimini.

In 2009 concern for her health was widespread as she had a bout of cancer as I understand it but thankfully she recovered and is once again teaching, traveling and writing.

In the little shop in Verona now there is the association "Le Amiche di FiloFilò" or "the friends of FiloFilò", FiloFilò is the name of Giuliana Buonpadre's original association. Classes are available.

This year Signora Buonpadre released a new book, starting a new series called "Sulle tracce del filo" [Following the tracks of the thread], the first of this series is titled: Lenzuola, Samplers a Punto Antico [Sheets, Samplers in Antique Stitch].

These are books of great instructional value as they are produced for the most part in three languages: Italian, French and English. They include clear photographs and professional images and stitch diagrams. The best thing I like about them is that they show a stitched sample beside the pattern diagram so you can see what the stitch or motif will look like when completed.

This particular book is more advanced in the level of expertise needed to stitch the designs, that is, it goes beyond the basics and the projects are more labour intensive and time consuming than some of her previous books. The combination of Punto Antico and Reticello motifs is very pleasing to the eye.

There are instructions for cutting, finishing and hemming sheets and various styles of pillowcases, a stitch glossary and instructions for classic embroidery, pulled thread and needle lace stitches, corner treatments and a lovely introduction in which Signora Buonpadre describes the path she followed which led to this latest publication.

If you join her website, you can download sample pages of her books, though there aren't any examples of this particular volume, the samples of previous book's pages will give you a good idea of the format of this one.

You can also purchase directly by filling out the request page on her website.


  1. Jeanine, I agree with you that they are lovely books, and very much worth having if you love Italian needlework. I wish however, fervently, that the translation into English could have been done by you :-)
    I have trouble understanding what is meant sometimes, when different names are used for the same stitch. F.i. wave stilling stitch (page 17) of the book you show, where punto rodi is written in Italian, and which is incorrectly called Rhodes stitch on page 62. To translate thread, or floss, by strings... ai!

  2. I too am struggling to follow the instructions given. What a shame the Italian was translated by computer. I bought one of her kits but the instructions are minimal and rely on having purchased her books, of which I have three.
    Do you know of anyone in Canada who would be willing to mentor me ( in any way, minimally or other) so I can get further into this amazing work! Helen

  3. Helen, the only teacher of Punto Antico I know of in Canada is Kathryn Drummond of Gingerbread Girl Designs. I don't know how fluent she is in Italian though.