Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Marine Byssus and Chiara Vigo - ebook!

On the 16th of June at the Biografilm Festival in Bologna, Chiara Vigo herself will be on hand at the presentation of Susanna Lavazza's ebook written about Signora Vigo and what she does with the Byssus or Sea Silk fibres that she collects from the Pinna Nobilis in Sardinia.

Happily there is also an English language version which will soon be available from for the Kindle but which can be downloaded in Adobe Digital Editions format now from Feltrinelli

The Italian version can be downloaded from a list provided on Chiara Vigo's blog here.

On YouTube you can watch the 40 minute presentation of the book (in Italian and Sardinian). At about the 31 minute mark, there is a Swiss film (dubbed in Italian) which has some great photography of the Pinna Noblis in it's natural habitat.

For more information (in Italian) go to Chiara Vigo's blog. 

Thanks to Rossella for the heads up!!


  1. Comprato! Che spendacciona che sono ;o))

  2. Molto interessante, una fibra unica. Grazie per l'informazione.