Friday, June 1, 2012

Bosa Filet Lace - New book!

There are not many books on Bosa Filet Lace. In fact, there is only one that I know of which is out of print and completely unfindable (if that is a word). Imagine my excitement therefore to discover this new book which is available through the publisher Petites Ondes (free shipping until the end of June) or LuLu Print-On-Demand Books.

You can download a preview of the book (text in Italian) from the Petites Ondes page, click on "Sfoglia un'antiprima" on the right side of the page under the photo of the piece of netting mounted on a frame.

Image copyright Petite Ondes and Marina Mureddu.

The softcover book is 108 pages, printed in black and white with Italian text written by Marina Mureddu, a Sardinian woman from Cagliari which is in the southern part of Sardinia.

Signora Mureddu learned Bosa Filet Lace from the granddaughter of a famous woman from Bosa, named Olimpia Melis who achieved international fame with her Bosa Filet Lace at the beginning of the 20th century. Olimpia Melis exported works all over Europe and to New York, things like: borders, curtains, tablecloths and other household items made by several hundred Bosa Filet Lacemakers.

Over a period of several years, Marina Mureddu was able to study some of these original works and make patterns. The book contains some history, instructions, patterns and photographs.


  1. anche questo devo procurarmelo... avrò abbastanza spazio per tutti questi libri e tempo per impararare e fare tutto quello che ho in mente e desidero fare? :))

  2. Sottoscrivo!
    PS Jeanine sei proprio un segugio ;o)

  3. Veramente bello questo libro, ha finalmente colmato una lacuna. Che io sappia non ci sono altre pubblicazioni sul filet di Bosa.

    1. Elisabetta, conosco solo del libro di Claudia Bellini, "Il Filet. Lavoro e tradizione delle donne a Bosa", Centro di Cultura Popolare - Bosa. Non riesco a trovarlo da nessuna parte.

  4. Hi Jeanine
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    Thanks in advance - mille grazie

    Anne Whitehead