Saturday, November 19, 2011

Design Source - L'ornamentazione

There is a fantastic book of designs called L'ornamentazione [ornamentation] which was published in 1923 by the Hoepli Publishing House in Milan. Since it is now out of copyright, you can download it free from the Internet Archive.

The title page reads:
"82 plates, designs for alphabets, monograms, companies, insignias, initials, symbols, heraldic decorations, artistic embroidery and women's works, leather embossing, metal engraving. Motifs for decorators, engravers, jewellers, etc."

The photos above are just a sampling of the types of designs that are contained in this fantastic book.

Unfortunately I can find no information on the author G. Vendrame. Nor can I find any other publications by this author. If you know something about him (or her?) would you post a comment below?

The Hoepli Publishing House started with Ulrico Hoepli, a young Swiss who came to Milan in 1870. The Hoepli Publishing House would grow to become one of the most important publishing houses in Italy. It remains in the hands of the Hoepli family and is still publishing today. Many needlework and textile manuals were published by the Hoepli Publishing House at the beginning of the 20th century.


  1. Hi Jeanine

    I am searching... I did find that he/she translated some books into Italian- you can find them by searching --- they appear to be on the subject of ethics and religion - if this is the same person - one book has the name Giorgio Vendrame, though I do not think this is the same person as I found a reference to him from this August... and the book you have is from 1923....

  2. Have just dowloaded the book which will now be popped into my computer library. Fascinating decorative work and great detail for a download. Thanks very much for the link.

  3. Thanks Jeanine! I always wonder how you manage to find all these wonderfull things!!!!!
    Grazie anche per la prima immagine del post ;o))))

  4. Thank you! I never find stuff like this when I mosey about the internet!