Thursday, February 9, 2012

Italian Drawn Thread Work Sampler

Silvana Fontanelli over at her blog Il Piacere del Ricamo has started a Drawn Thread Work Sampler that you might want to get in on.

The author of two books - one of which I've told you about here, Silvana explains with great step-by-step photos how to do some great Italian Drawn Thread Work.

Her second book, Il Retino: Orli, Sfilature e Greche is a treasure trove of Drawn Thread Work including techniques on netting. Many of the stitches that she's going over on her blog can be found in this terrific little volume.

February 7th's post on Silvana's blog is an exquisite little heart with the Gigliuccio hemstitch which my regular readers will know that I absolutely adore.

Photo copyright Silvana Fontanelli.

For the rest of the posts about Silvana's Drawn Thread Work Sampler, click on the word: Sfilature to see all the posts, going back to the beginning.

You can purchase either of Silvana's books from Tombolo Disegni, send an email to place your order.


  1. Hello Jeanine

    I don't know if you know about

    A marvellous book seller based in Germany - most Italian books available via Barbara, who together with her husband speaks excellent English, and while the books might be a bit more expensive, they have a wonderfully cheap postage regime.

    This might be helpful for your followers who find Italian a challenge to read.

  2. Grazie per aver segnalato il mio libro,
    spero di averla come visitatrice al blog.

  3. Lady Stitcher,
    Thank you for the info regarding Barbara Fey's website. I am trying to support Italy and so I usually only list Italian places to purchase. Also if you purchase from Italy you don't pay the markup and shipping to other countries in the price of your purchase. If language is an obstacle but money is no object, then these books are available in the U.S. through Lacis in Berkeley.