Sunday, January 6, 2013

Excellent Puncetto Needle Lace Tutorial Online

Way back in April of 2012, Carmen wrote to tell me about Brona who had posted a tutorial on her blog for Puncetto needle lace. Now when you send me emails, I always save them in my in-basket until I can answer them or investigate the information that you send. However, often I am unable to do it right away. Please don't think I have brushed you off or ignored you - unfortunately my blog is my hobby, not my career and it gets the very last of any free time I have which means that sometimes it takes months for me to investigate information I receive.

Brona has done an outstanding tutorial on Puncetto needle lace in a series of seven posts which she has gathered together in one page on her blog.

Her diagrams are clear and easy to understand and there is a google translator button at the top right of the homepage to help you decipher what she has written as Brona's blog is written in Czech.

She has covered the basics and then tackled the more difficult motifs and even given tips on using more than one colour of thread!

I enjoyed Brona's Reticello project in the May/June 2012 issue of Piecework magazine and hope that she will treat us to a Puncetto needle lace project in the future!


  1. Grazie mille Jeanine per averci segnalato questo fantastico tutorial!

  2. Hello Jeanine, thanks to your reports of Italia Invita I am going there this year. Inyour 2009 report you say that the show is only open on the first day for those taking the courses - is that the case every year? There is no information on the website and we are wanting to plan our visit and book tickets. Any information you can give me would be much appreciated. Thank you Barbara S

  3. Dear Jeanine,
    Your website is filled with wonderful articles. I have an beautiful silk handkerchief and would like to explore the influence and possible date of the needlework. Would you look at it and give me direction? I have started a blog, (my journal of learning,, or I can send you a .jpg that you are welcome to use in your blog if you would like.

  4. Jeanette: I would love to look at a picture of your handkerchief but your local museum's textiles department should be able to give you a wealth of information about it, or they will know who can. I don't know where you are but if you're near a museum or university, you should investigate them for help. I'm sorry but I'm not experienced in this field.

  5. Barbara: I don't have any more info than the website, you could try emailing the event co-ordinators to see what they have to say. Project Manager:
    Daniela Baldi Giada Spata Have a great time!