Sunday, January 20, 2013

Textile History in Genoa

From time to time, readers write and ask me about Italian textiles from various Italian cities that I have not previously mentioned. Either they have some family ancestors who come from these cities or they are planning a visit and want to know what they can see.

For those who asked and also for the possible benefit of others, I would like to draw your attention this spring to Genoa. There seems to be a series of lectures and exhibitions with a textile theme than makes me sorry that I won't be able to see any of it.

Here you'll find a listing of the different events and the museums which will host them, it seems a terrific display of Textile History in Genoa.

Damask, Velvet, Denim - seven hundred years of textiles in Genoa. This event goes from January 15th to May 7, 2013. (Closed Mondays)

There are courses, lectures, guided tours, workshops and more to celebrate the first 10 years of the Damask, Velvet, Denim Fabric and Fashion Study Centre (DVJ Centro Studi di tessuto e moda). From their website:

The City of Genoa, which has been a centre of activities connected to silk processing for centuries, houses two important public collection of textiles: the Collezione Tessile della Soprintendenza, on display since 1999 in two rooms at the Galleria Nazionale di Palazzo Spinola, and the Collezioni Tessili dei Musei Civici, which are located at Palazzo Bianco.
Both comprise an heritage of a high artistic and historical level.
The import of the textile heritage of the two collections called for the founding of the DVJ Damasco Velluto Jeans - Centro studi tessuto e moda, housed in Palazzo Bianco, which will also make use of the exhibition rooms of the Galleria Nazionale di Palazzo Spinola.
They have a FaceBook page as well. If you get to see any of this, please leave a comment or write and let me know!

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