Sunday, April 21, 2013

Pizzo Margarete - Margaretenspitze

For those of you who were intrigued by the Pizzo Margarete or Margaretenspitze knotted lace that I told you about in this post here, Lotte Heinemann has reprinted her book and has some essential parts translated into English (the book text is in German) which are available in an insert along with some graph paper for you to chart your own creations.

As this technique is originally a German one, I thought that maybe those of you who may want to delve further into it would like to know of this book's reprinting. The book is 147 pages and coil bound which is nice for referencing while you are working. The English insert is 7 pages long and highlights the essential information you will need for working the lace.

There are clear, close-up photographs and hand-drawn illustrations:

If you have some experience with Macramé, this will be a valuable volume to add to your collection. For those of you who speak German, I would say this is the bible on this technique.

You can order it from this website, clicking on some of the links produces the option for English text, the book is pictured on the link Literatur und Links. You must request the English insert as it is not automatically included.

Lotte Heinemann tells me she and a friend are working on a beginner's book for this technique to be published in English and German. She will keep me posted and I will pass on any information that I receive.


  1. Bellissimo!
    Grazie Jeanine per l'informazione ... mio marito vuole studiare il tedesco chissà se mi aiuterà a capire ;o)

  2. If you follow the link and click on "Arbeitsanleitungen zum Bestellen" on the bottom of the page you can order instructions for small projects, the first 8 are also available in English. Click on other subjects to see some pictures.