Sunday, June 2, 2013

Hemstitching - New Book!

Anna Castagnetti of Ricami a Fili Tesi has been busy! Her latest book is on Hemstitching and is a gold mine of different stitches and edge treatments.

Over 60 pages of closeup step-by-step photos and diagrams make this volume easy to follow even if you don't read Italian.

Edge treatments include:

  • mitred corners (two ways to do it)
  • folded hem (including corner treatment)
  • rolled hem (including corner treatment)
  • buttonholed hem (including corner treatment)
  • buttonholed hem with picots made of bullion knots
  • long and short blanket stitch hem (including corner treatment and a couple of ways to dress up this type of hem)
  • cat's tooth hem (it's like nun's stitch - including corner treatment)
  • looped fringes like those used in Assisi Embroidery
  • folded fringe hem with one variation and including a tasseled corner
  • looped and knotted hemstitch (including corner treatment)
  • flystitch hemstitch
  • round hem with needle lace triangles
  • triple buttonhole arcs with picots
  • embellished fringed hem (including corner treatment)
  • overlapping buttonhole arcs (including corner treatment)
  • bull's head stitch
  • fringe with embellished four-sided stitch
  • joining two pieces of hemmed fabric together with simple hemstitch (including corner treatment)
  • two methods for appliqué borders (including corner treatment and embellishment stitching)
  • method for making your own bias tape and applying it to a hem (including corner treatment)

Anna's good taste and expertise shine though in this volume which, as you can see from the content list above, is very thorough.

You also can see more of Anna's beautiful hemstitching in Mani di Fata's latest hemstitching issue: Punti a Giorno 7.

In Europe Anna's latest book is available directly from the publisher NuovaS1 via money transfer. Overseas, contact Anna (she speaks English) and she'll let you know how to get it.

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  1. Un libro certamente molto utile. Io faccio sempre lo stesso tipo di orlo!