Friday, June 21, 2013

Puncetto News and a new book!

Second Volume,  2009

There is some good news for those of you who have been waiting for the reprinting of the second volume on Puncetto needle lace – copies are now available!

This is really the book you need if you want to get started with Puncetto needle lace. It has a how-to section which gradually instructs you on more and more complicated patterns as well as many patterns for complete pieces. The second printing has been held up for quite a long time and I'm glad to see that everything got worked out and that it is once again available.

The first volume is more advanced and provides patterns and instructions for using multiple colours in designs which are used in the local traditional costumes of this region found in the north of Italy near the Liechtenstein border.

First Volume,  2006

And now there is a third volume by the ladies of the Scuola di Puncetto Valsesiano which is very advanced featuring many different designs (I counted 70!). You can see some of the pages here. There are even some instructions on how to make the buttons found on traditional costume blouse cuffs!

Third Volume,  2013

I'm thrilled to see the inclusion of the pattern for the blue gentian flower that was part of the display at the 2011 Italia Invita Forum. There are other flowers and plants as well and rounded edges and motifs like this one from the back cover of the book:

I have been privileged to attend a few workshops with these talented ladies and I dream one day to take a "Puncetto Vacation" which the school offers for a week in August.

Tombolo Disegni tells me that they now have all of these volumes in stock.


  1. I am in the US and would love to order these books. I have been to the Tombolo Disegni site and see the "Shop Online" and can find the books but do not know how to place an order. I can't find how to select the items that you want and checkout. Can you help me in any way?

  2. Hi Robin, you must send an email request to order.
    On the homepage is the link: come ordinare
    When you click on that, you'll go to a page with the email addy.
    Hope this helps!

  3. Thank you for posting this information. I only learned about the new book in August, and I hope to order it someday. I've been working out of the first two books on and off for a while now and I'm itching to learn more.