Saturday, May 17, 2014

Venetian Needle Lace - new book

Of all the needle laces, those from Venice and Burano are certainly the most complex, but they are also the most versatile because the limitations imposed by the design are removed.

This publication contains a how-to section of the stitches to start you off accompanied by instructions, photographs and very clear diagrams.

Exciting news for those who wish to delve into the world of Venetian Needle Lace! Ombretta Panese and Marialuisa Severi have been hard at work creating this book. 

I have translated what Ombretta has written on her blog:

We have tried to give clear and simple instructions on some stitches, which are supported by photographs and designs, so as to introduce the manufacture of needle lace to those who have the intention to learn.
At the end we have included designs of varying degrees of difficulty so you can experiment with what you have learned.

About the authors:
Marialuisa Severi is the President of the cultural Associazione "Il Merletto Veneziano" which was formed in 2005 with the aim to keep alive, enhance and promote the ancient art of Burano needle lace and Pellestrina bobbin lace. Both techniques are traditionally rooted in the island territory of Venice. You can see some pictures of their work here.

Ombretta Panese is a lacemaker from Mestre who has been awarded the title: Expert Needle Lace Maker achieved after two courses of 300 hours each, at the Scuola Professionale della Provincia di Venezia. Together with some of her classmates from these courses, she was involved in the creation of the Associazione "Il Merletto Veneziano". She does some beautiful work, check out her blog.

My copy is in the mail somewhere between here and Italy but I couldn't wait for it to get here before telling you about this book which you can get directly from the publisher: NuovaS1 (send them an email and tell them you'd like to use PayPal for those outside of Europe). Lacis distributes some NuovaS1 books in the US, if you want to see this one brought in, you may have to write to them and request it.

Let me know what you think in the comments below if you do get this book which I understand may be the first in a series.


  1. Your blog is fascinating. I bet you would be a great neighbor to have next door!

    There are so many things to try that at times I become overwhelmed by the different variations. It amazes me how much is out there.

    Right now I am settling on Punt'e Nu and am waiting on a EGA publication...and a upcoming book that will be published. I am striving to remain steadfast in that promise to myself :)

    Sorry to ramble. I think may just have to start at your first blog post and read. I appreciate all you put together for everyone.

  2. I know how you feel Robert, there are not enough hours in the day! What EGA publication are you waiting on just out of curiosity?

  3. Good evening Jeanine.

    I ordered the Sept 2013 edition which, if I understand correctly, contains your work.

    I have a general idea about the stitches based on one of your blog recommendations. From past experience, you have a great way of explaining processes and I look forward to the magazine's arrival!

  4. Ah, yes - that publication. I thought perhaps someone else had taken the plunge! I hope it's helpful to you, please contact me if you need help.