Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Grosso Intaglio - Large Cutwork

I really enjoy the look of Cutwork embroidery though the actual execution of it bores me to tears... endless Buttonhole stitches! I noticed in Italy that Cutwork embroidery was everywhere...

... a window in Perugia...

... in the salon of our hotel in Rome...

A few years ago I read in RAKAM, an Italian needlework magazine, about another kind of Cutwork embroidery called Grosso Intaglio also known as: Grosso Richelieu, Doppio Intaglio or Doppio Richelieu.

In this type of needlework, besides the fact that it is executed on a lower count linen with thicker threads, you embellish the insides of the cut out designs, that is: with Satin Stitch and other classic embroidery stitches, you fill in the motifs.

This image is from Grosso Richelieu by Amelia Brizzi Ramazzotti. It is a third edition and bears no date but the second edition carries the date of 1915 to give you an idea of timeline.

This technique dates back to the beginning of the 20th century. The motifs were mainly floral and ornamental though sometimes geometrical. Heavier and more robust fabrics were used sometimes with threads as thick as Pearl cotton nos. 2 and 3. This work was mostly done in white on white or cream on cream, sometimes in ecru on undyed fabric and there were also a few coloured works.

As Grosso Intaglio was more durable than regular Cutwork, it was perfect for things like curtains, cushions, the turn back margin on bedsheets, and table centres but was also done on parasols, bags, items for the bathroom and nursery and to protect the backs and arms of furniture.

I think I would find this kind of Cutwork more interesting to do - what about you?

RAKAM, Dicembre 2006 has some execution instructions by Liliana Babbi Cappelletti.

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