Thursday, July 7, 2011

Round Knotted Netting

I told you about Enza Termine of Sicily and her Round Filet Netting in this post here last year but I didn't have any photos of my own to show you her exquisite work.

That has changed, look what came in the mail today!

Hand-made knotted netting made with gold thread by Enza Termine.

Hand-made rete a rosoni [circular netting] by Enza Termine.

Today I received two pieces hand-made by Enza herself and they are marvelous! I can't stop looking at them.

Enza has a tutorial (in Italian) on her website for the art of Round Knotted Netting, and you can find an English translation of an article she wrote on the subject at Tuttoricamo, click on the British Flag for the English pages, then click on "Techniques", then "Filet and Bosa Filet", then click on the word "circular" in the fifth paragraph. There are also some great tutorials in English at Rita Bartholomew's website here. There is a bit on circular netting here.

Thank you Enza!!


  1. What gorgeous pieces of netting. They are making my fingers itch to try some of the stitch patterns I see. The style is so different from those of my grandmother.

    Thank you also for the links and the translations into English.

  2. Ciao Jeanine scusa il ritardo, sono contenta che ti sono piaciuti.
    Ora nel mio nuovo sito c'è il traduttore cosi anche la signora Rita non avrà difficoltà a capire.
    Grazie per i complimenti