Friday, December 16, 2011

Puncetto Snowflake - Part Two

Since I posted part one of this Puncetto Snowflake I have broken three threads! Luckily they were in places where they were more or less easily hidden. If you look for them, you'll probably find them but I was not going to start this again for the 5th time!

From where we left off, I wanted to show you what it looked like when I started to fill my first small square as I was showing you the small holes before that:

The two threads on the right are where I changed threads on my return trip and will be trimmed when they are more secure.
Following along the pattern, I worked my way up to the top where I needed to think about the steps ahead. As we will not be doing a return row in the normal way for the last row of small holes at the top, we need to change threads for a fresh and long new thread somewhere in the second-to-last row so that we will have enough to complete the top selvedge and the loops around the edge if we want them for inserting our snowflake into a piece of fabric or if we just want a lacey edge.

This is the second-to-last-row completed. You can see where I changed threads on the return row (at the right) and I've done my two rows of stitches on the left selvedge to begin the last row of small holes - exactly the same as the first row we did down at the bottom.
After having completed the forward trip on my last row of small holes, I will not be making a return trip in the normal way. Instead, we will begin to create the top selvedge.

Here is where it can get confusing. After finishing the forward row of small holes (you're positioned on the extreme right), you must do two stitches of a normal return row which will take you back to the left side of your right selvedge. From here you will complete two more forward rows of two stitches as shown above.

Do two stitches on your return and then turn your work 90 degrees clockwise and do two more return stitches as shown above. Are you still with me?

After this, we must hook on to the small hole to the left. Imagine that it is the same principle as when we were completing the design and on our return rows when there was to be a filled square above an empty hole, we needed two stitches instead of three in the hole. This time however we have our holes to the left and our filled part (the selvedge) to the right but the requirement is the same, that is: two stitches in the hole, which means two rows:

This is our first stitch in the hole.

This is the second stitch in the hole and we've gone ahead with two stitches to the edge. You can see that we are beginning to build our selvedge.

Again, please remember that this rule of two stitches in the hole applies to small holes and that the rules are different for medium holes and also different again for large holes.

Continue in this way until you get to the top. There is a bit more to show you which I'll continue in another post.

If you are just joining us, take a look at the first part of our Puncetto Snowflake.

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