Thursday, July 18, 2013

Punto Antico - Bruna Gubbini's Seventh Book!

Bruna Gubbini of the Associazione Il Punto Antico in San Giovanni in Persiceto, near Bologna has released her seventh volume about Punto Antico Embroidery.

This latest publication has Italian and English text, is over 160 pages packed full of colour photos and offers 20 projects!

From the introduction:
In this new book you will find, apart from bed sheets, cushions and towels, many tablecloths among which are different examples of runners.
My students appreciate this new way to dress the table because the runners are more elegant than the simple placemats, less onerous to work than the classic tablecloth and easier to wash and iron. They can make different designs which can be combined with each other in order to avoid repetition. The runner can also be used as a table centre.
The book concludes with a ring cushion and a series of beautiful favours entirely worked by hand.

There is a small how-to section at the beginning of this book and then more how-tos sprinkled in with the projects themselves. Signora Gubbini's impeccable good taste regarding colours and motif combinations is elegantly displayed with the help of her students and their works.

The photography and styling is delightful. If you are already a fan of Signora Gubbini's books, you will not be disappointed and if you are new to them, all I can tell you is that they are definitely worth the cover price. There are so many inspiring ideas and lovely embroideries to look at!

I am intrigued by the use of a large hoop stand which seems to enable four ladies to collaborate on the work of one piece! Not that I'd want to stand and stitch but it does make me think of an old quilting stand that I have which would be useful for executing embroidery on a tablecloth.

Indulge yourself! This book can be purchased directly from the Associazione Il Punto Antico.

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