Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fine Italian Whitework III

I recently purchased an external hard drive for my Macintosh computer and have spent the last few days copying all my backup CDs onto it so that I can now have easier access to all my photos and files.

I like to look over the photos especially when I'm feeling dull due to the weather (constant rain these days). I wanted to share with you a beautiful Whitework handkerchief that I saw at the Poldi Pezzoli Museum last year in Milan.

I've made the photos black and white in order to show you more detail at a higher resolution, click on the photos for a closer look.

This fine handkerchief (possibly lawn?) was so thin and fragile but the work on it was jaw-dropping. A ship in one corner surrounded by ribbons, foliage and flowers. Open areas are filled in with needle lace stitches:

Here is the best detail shot that I have, the rest are quite blurry. Catch the detail on the ship:

Sorry I was too awestruck to get any historical data on this handkerchief – just means I'll have to go back for another look!

Thank you to Stefania for the photos!