Thursday, October 14, 2010

Società Umanitaria - Humanitarian Society Followup

Just a small but important point to clarify regarding yesterday's post.

The Lombardy Regional Exposition for the Decorative Arts of 1919 was organized by the Humanitarian Society of Milan and held at their premises.

This exhibition was a prelude to the Decorative Arts Biennials of Monza, Italy held in 1923, 1925, 1927 - becoming a Triennial in 1930. The exhibition would then transfer to Milan in 1933. The Triennial of Milan is still held today.

I have been organizing material for both the Monza Biennials and the Milan Triennials to tell you about so look for that in future posts!

I also note that I forgot to include this coloured embroidery by the Humanitarian Society from the Emporium article yesterday:

Much thanks to Claudio at the Ning Group MI1906 for the additional info!!

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  1. Lovely dragonfly (good luck omen in Italy) piece, thanks!