Friday, October 22, 2010

Correction - Punto Ricciolino (Umbrian Embroidery)

So many people wrote privately to tell me that I had misunderstood Punto Ricciolino used in Umbrian Embroidery that I thought I would do a post dedicated to correcting my errors.

Thank you so much everyone for clearing up my confusion! When you try to figure out things alone at home, it's so nice to know when you've done something correctly or incorrectly! I do apologize to anyone who followed my previous photo sequence though I kind of like that stitch too. I wonder what it's called?

I have done another photo sequence and although the stitch here looks very similar to what I posted before, the overall result is subtly different.

Some of you asked what fabric and thread I was using, so it's Sotema 20L 38ct Ivory Linen with DMC Pearl Cotton no. 8 (colour 842) and a no. 8 embroidery needle (sharp tip).

To start:

Go back under the diagonal stitch you have created, not taking any of the ground fabric. You can't see it here but the thread tail is held to the left with the needle passing over it:

Like this (don't laugh at my diagram!):

Back again under the diagonal stitch to the right of the stitch you just did:

I love the textural effect!

I don't think I will cut out the curls I did on my little sampler as it will be too time consuming but I will definitely be doing more of Punto Ricciolino in the future!

I will try to get back to working the edging to show you another way to use Punto Avorio in the near future, so watch for future posts.

Apparently it is necessary for me to again point out to readers that I am not a needlework teacher nor an expert. These posts here on my blog are my own personal investigations. If you choose to follow my diagrams, photo sequences and/or anything else I do, you do so at the risk of misunderstanding along with me!

An Italian woman from Perugia named Geneviève Porpora wrote to me with all kinds of links for finding out more information on Umbrian Embroidery. She wrote a book called Il Punto Umbro after having learned from the last surviving pupil (Margherita Biancalana) of the Marquess Romeyne Robert's "Scuola Ricami Ranieri di Sorbello" [Ranieri di Sorbello Embroidery School]. Unfortunately most of the links that she gave me are in Italian and seem to be often broken or leading to pages which no longer exist. If you would like more information, please contact her directly through her email address.

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