Monday, October 4, 2010

Sansepolcro Lace Biennial - Follow up

Just to follow up on my post about this year's Sansepolcro Lace Biennial - please visit Mena's blog: Tombolo e altro for some photos and a run-down of her experiences, there is also a second post with more photos and *gasp!* a MAN doing bobbin lace! The blog is in Italian, so you might need to run it through Google Translate.

There are some photos of the exhibition and a few of the lace masters. Click on the photos for close-ups, don't miss the banner with the Renaissance lady - she has applied lace and leather on her gown! There is a bit more here (in Italian) about the event and the winners.

Canadian lacemaker Lenka Suchanek also took a prize, you can see her piece here.

If anyone knows where there are more photos of this event will you post below?


  1. Your blog is amazing.... thank you so much for sharing this passion!

  2. Grazieeeeeeee per aver segnalato il mio blog, spero di rivederti a Parma.