Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lacemaking with coloured threads

I was reading Mary Corbet's Needle n Thread blog about different types of threads which led me to remember that I was going to tell you about some different Italian threads but in the meantime I've been discussing needle lace making with coloured threads with Silvia of Dentelles d'abord. I see she's posted her lovely needle lace brooch done in coloured thread with a great how-to series of pictures so even if you don't understand Italian, you should be able figure out how you can make her covered buttons. While you're there, you should check out the rest of her blog, she's got some lovely pictures of needle laces.

Anyway... I wanted to tell you about Seta Reale by Coats Cucirini which does not seem to be part of the North American lineup of threads. I got mine from Italy though a Google search turns it up on the Coats UK website. (My spools came from Italy but were made in Hungary). I think maybe Silvia made her Sun needle lace piece with this thread but I haven't remembered to ask her... perhaps she'll comment here below.

If I understand correctly, this thread comes in two weights: 30 (which is the kind I have) and 100 which is extra fine. Available in 128 and 59 colours respectively means you can have all kind of fun! The UK website has a downloadable colour shade card.

If you've ever seen any of Lucia Costantini's laces, you'll know that coloured lace can be just as breathtaking as white lace.

I tried some pulled stitches and satin stitches (as I am no lacemaker!) with it and it glides through the fabric so smoothly and its so shiny!

I also tried some Antwerp (Punto Chiaro) stitches which look rather pretty - if only my stitching had better tension - I think it could be fun to stitch anything with this thread...

...I'd also like to try the finer weight... I'd like to have all the colours... Oh, I'm in trouble now!

I know Italian Needlecrafts has some of the 30 weight but I see that Elena hasn't had the time to put them up yet on her website, send her an email if you want to try some and let me know what you think!

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