Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Embroidery on Tulle in Verona

Whenever I think of Embroidery on Tulle, I always think of light, gauzy flowers on a veil or hemline like the one pictured here.

While in Verona last year however, I discovered the art that is embroidering pictures on Tulle in Italy, using different densities of thread to provide shading effects.

In the Don Mazza Museum in Verona, there are several amazing examples of this delicate art.

The design was basted behind the Tulle and then embroidered over top, following the shading by executing denser or sparser rows of Darning Stitch:

I'm sorry that most of my photos are blurry but you get the overall effect.

Here is the linen thread and the super-fine and long needle that was used to make the following pieces:

Some flowers and leaves:

Check out the details on the fingers:

This piece was framed and rightly so!

The mane was amazing:

Madonna and child:

In the book that I picked up about the vestments made by the embroiderers at the Don Mazza School there is a picture of a gown of Don Mazza's which has the Virtues depicted along the cuffs and around the hem (front and back!) in this type of needlework.

This is a fragment of the same style of design which was on the gown, though the subject matter is different.


  1. This understanding of the tulle, not just as background, but as an active part of the design, and of how they managed to get the effect by varying only the thickness of the stitching is so amazing. Thank you for this.

  2. Found your blog while searching for filet patterns. I'm impressed by your knowledge and love for embroidery. Thanks for sharing! :-)