Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Links of Interest

I'm leaving on vacation on Friday and finding it very difficult to get everything done before I go. Please forgive me if I just give you a series of links to explore!

This is Elena of Italian Needlecrafts' blog, she weaves and likes textile history too!

This is Renata's Blog full of lots of lovely pictures of her stitching and even a tutorial on some Sardinian needlework:

This is Elisabetta's blog which has all kinds of great pictures of the stitching she and her friends do for charity:

This is Laura's blog where you can find lots of tutorials for hemstitches and other embroidery stitches (look on the left under the headings: Sfilature and punti base):

This is another Elisabetta's blog - her stitching is exquisite!

Anna's website full of her amazing threadpaintings:

Stella's website on Palestrina Embroidery - get something to drink and enjoy!

Sorry, I'm still too new to blogging to figure out how to make these links "clickable" - copy and paste them into your web browser.


  1. Thanks, Jeanine!
    Enjoy your holidays

  2. Grazie Jeanine, ho capito che parli anche del mio blog, anche se io non capisco l'inglese. Un bacione